Age is Just a Number

Whether you’re looking to prevent or eliminate wrinkles, enhance the volume in your lips, improve skin imperfections, or simply restore a youthful appearance, our clinic is dedicated to support you in every step of your skincare journey!

A person receiving a syringe at Broadway Anti-Aging Clinic.

Anti-Wrinkle (Botox) Treatment

The best way to instantly look younger is with a neuromodulator treatment like BOTOX or Dysport. These non-invasive injections target deep wrinkles or fine lines while leaving your natural expressions intact.

A woman is receiving an eye injection at Broadway Anti-Aging Clinic.

Dermal Fillers

At a fraction of the cost of a facelift, we can use fillers to restore the size and shape of the lips, cheeks, jawline and chin. They fill lines and creases like smile lines, ‘smoker’s lines’, and more.

A woman getting her eyebrows injected at Broadway Anti-Aging Clinic.


Microneedling continues to be one of our top non-invasive treatments of choice to achieve total skin rejuvenation & incredible skin results. Whether your concerns are scarring, premature aging or just general maintenance, microneedling is for you.


A man is getting his hair shaved at Broadway Clinic.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma treatments harness the natural healing abilities of the body by using your own concentrated blood products to revitalize damaged tissue. It may stimulate cell replication, collagen production, and new blood vessel formation.

Discover Our Transformations

View before and after images showing the natural looking results Broadway Anti-Aging Clinic is able to achieve for their patients through medical aesthetic treatments.

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Our Clients Say
The Nicest Things


"Everytime I go to see Dr Nima Sakian I feel very welcome. He's really knowledgeable and listens to what you are telling him before proceeding. I have been coming here for just about a year and I wouldn't go anywhere else for lip fillers....

Mahboobeh Pouladi

"Dr Sakian did botox and filler for me few times in the last years. He did such a good job that I sent a few friends to him. I would not let anyone else do my botox in the future."


"I have been seeing Dr. Sakian for several years now. He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor who keeps up-to-date with the latest medications and information. He is easy to talk to and discuss problems with, and always respects your choices."

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Why Choose Us?

Broadway anti-aging clinic is medical aesthetics clinic based in the heart of Vancouver, with an outstanding reputation based on clinical excellence and quality care. Dr Sakian’s desire to restore a patient’s confidence remains the driving force behind his established aesthetic practice for the past 12 years.

Comfort, professionalism and outstanding results are
our number one priority.

The Trust We’ve Earned

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Deep Garcha
Deep Garcha
A very professional team and welcoming atmosphere. They make you feel comfortable and walk you through every little thing. Which I feel like most places lack. You’re not just another client to them. They take care of you.

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